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Offers 14 variety of Proven Energy Saving products to build a custom Energy Solutions for our Residential / Commercial Clients.

Simply Save Home Services

Is a 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our Management Team has 10 plus years of combined experience, giving our Clients the peace of mind they need when making money-saving decisions for their homes. As one of the fastest growing residential home services providers in Ontario, we take great pride in creating jobs for young Canadians with a career-oriented training program that allows for real growth

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We will ensure your home is well equipped with the highest quality of energy efficient products available.

Energy audit
  • Review utility bill
  • Educate owner
  • Understand the home
Pick your custom package
  • Variety of Packages
  • Customized Solutions
  • Assessment & Consultation
Install & Save
  • Start Saving From Day 1
  • Warranty Guarenteed
  • Technicians with 15 years experience


Exclusive Patent Product


The Eco-Clamp™ Fuel Saver is a proven way to reduce Industrial, Commercial and Residential Fuel Costs!

The patent-pending System saves money and reduces emissions by increasing the combustion effiency of the fossil fuels.

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Energy control system

The Energy Controller System is a proven way to reduce Industrial, Commercial and Residential Hydro Costs!

  • Average reduction of 6 – 10%

  • Average reduction of 6 – 17%
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Smart Valve

Reduce your water bill with Smart Valve™.

Smart Valve’s patented Variable Flow Control process eliminates excessive consumption and water meter errors.

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Scale buster

ScaleBuster is an innovative approach to water conditioning.

Inhibits scale & corrosion, reduces costs, maintenance & chemical use. ION ScaleBuster is a proven water conditioning technology for general pipework, heating and plumbing equipment, appliances and processing equipment.

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Simply Save Home Services


Simply save works closely with great innovators around the world with proven products. We love to add new products to our packages to make it better!​


With 10 years in customer services, we take pride in providing the best services and products to you.


Without passion, we wouldn’t have searched far and wide to deliver you the best-proven product to your doorstep, let’s just say we are simply mission-driven to change the world in a positive way !!

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